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Facial volume loss is a major part of skin ageing. Natural amounts of filler give a nice result. The key is to give a natural amount of filler as excessive amounts look false. As doctors we have a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy which allows precise placing of fillers for a natural result. We only use certain types of fillers and avoid the non-degradable products which can result in serious side effects.

The September 2015 edition of The British Journal of Dermatology provides an interesting article from Prof Voorhees team in Chicago in which they demonstrate that a major part of ageing occurs due to lack of stretch or tautness of the skin.
Replacing volume and increasing the tautness of the skin is one way of reducing skin ageing and volume loss.

Modern dermal fillers are of high quality and are well-integrated into the skin. We only use high-quality hyaluronic acid products as this substance is naturally found in the skin.
Various levels of the skin can be treated. Some fillers can be placed deep in the subcutaneous tissues or at the bone to give a volumising and lifting effect.
Be sure that your doctor has a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy if you are contemplating a deep filler procedure. There are many important arteries and nerves that must be considered when placing deep fillers.

Dermal fillers can also be placed in the dermis of the skin as this is where much of the skin ageing effects occur. At this level a softer filler is used. This type of filler placement improves deep or finer lines such as nasolabial folds,cheek lines, forehead lines and marionette lines.

We use only use products from the Galderma(restylane and emervel) Beletero or Allergan lines. We know these products are of high-quality and it’s important for our customers to know that the highest quality safest products are used. The other reassuring feature of such high quality hyaluronic products is that they can be easily removed if ever needed.

We are also pride of the fact that we can offer our patients quality fillers at what may be the keenest price in Ireland.
For example 1ml of filler costs €190 with us.

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